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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Six artists reflect on national histories - colonialism, immigration, strange sovereignties and political gestures. Also: UFOs, a barbeque, Instagram and some mixed martial arts. Probably the closest WUFF will get to hosting a mock United Nations. A global program featuring new work from Canada and the United States.

By the Time We Got to Expo dir. Eva Kolzce + Phillip Hoffman
2015 | CA | 9 | 16mm on video
A meditative journey through Expo 67, re-visiting a significant moment in Canadian history using manipulated imagery taken from educational and documentary films. Footage has been re-worked using tints, toners and photochemical techniques to create a vibrant collision of colours, textures and forms. -EK

1967: A People Kind of Place dir. Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen
2012 | CA | 19 | 16mm on video
In 1967, the Canadian Centennial Committee named St. Paul the “The Centennial Star” on account of the quantity, quality, and originality of the small town's year-long celebratory activity; namely, the decision to build the world’s first "UFO Landing Pad." This oval-shaped platform constructed in cement was metaphorical welcoming of all people, including aliens, to the nation. In this way, the UFO landing pad functions as a symbol for Canada's increasing emphasis on hospitality, tolerance, diversity, and unity at that point in history. St. Paul's landing pad opens up a historical investigation of Canada as the "instigator" of multiculturalism. -JHN

AmericaAntiAmerica dir. Neil Ira Needleman
2014 | US | 4 | video
This mock-subversive video is a short, light philosophical work that asks questions about the meaning and power of imagery, and the nature of patriotic (and anti-patriotic) acts. The video asks the questions, but it's up to you to answer them. Me? I'm too busy eating a hot dog. -NIN

Big Man, Little Screen dir. Nik Nerburn (+ Ramzan Kadyrov)
2015 | US | 5.5 | video
Ramzan Kadyrov is the autocratic President of Chechnya, a widely suspected collaborator in political murders and fiercely loyal protege of Vladimir Putin. He's implicated in the murder of left-wing Russian journalists and has been alleged to have personally overseen torture. He's also a prolific Instagrammer. Until now, Ramzan Kadyrov's distinct Instagram videos have largely been ignored by the international art community. In these bizarre and fleeting status updates, Ramzan boxes, works out at the gym, films his son wrestling, teaches his children how to shoot handguns, inspects military equipment, holds mass rallies for Vladimir Putin, forges swords and admires ducks. -NN

Little Portugal dir. Pedro Ferreira

2014 | CA | 3 | super 8mm on video
The first wave of Portuguese immigrants that arrived to Canada occurred in the 50’s and during the 60’s and 70’s the number increased. In 2001 more than 350,000 Portuguese lived in Canada and more than 95,000 in the city of Toronto. Little Portugal is located in the downtown west of Toronto and covers a solid community with social, cultural, commercial and religious institutions. -PF

* images from Eva Kolcze + Phil Hoffman's By the Time We Got to Expo (top) and Nik Nerburn's Big Man, Little Screen (bottom)