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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

WUFF 3 closes on a challenging note - five videos regarding the history of human behaviour during the Age of Animals. Reflections on our collective relationship to media, consumption and extractivism, climate change, and a natural world turned surreal. This program contains content which some may find graphic or upsetting. New work from Canada, Pakistan and the United States.

Like a Moth dir. Ben Clarkson
2015 | CA | 2 | video
An edited interview of David Foster Wallace reflecting on the difficulties of entertainment, boredom and morality. -BC

Metropolitan Triangle Garden dir. Rui Hu
2014 | US | 4 | video
In this experimental 3D animation, Classical sculptures in the museum participate in a destructive performance triggered by software glitches, distortions, and misused simulation, turning the space into a madhouse theater with both classical beauty and digital chaos. It attempts to connect the sense of space, history, turmoil, and transformation to the idea of technological sublime in a twisted way. -RH

Dimensions of a Fish dir. Shehrezad Maher
2013 | PK | 7.5 | video
When a whale shark washes ashore in Karachi, Pakistan, it appears for seconds on the news. When several news segments are combined in the work 'Dimensions of a Fish', the violent and perverse mechanisms of this spectacle emerge, and the organizational principles of the city’s economy and socio-political structures are revealed. -SM

Húnaflói (Part 1) dir. Rachel Lin Weaver
2015 | US | 13.5 | video
Fishermen go to sea looking for fish to catch and kill—sometimes they catch fish, sometimes they catch far more than fish. Scientists look to the bodies of fish, they ask the fish questions by studying their physiology—sometimes they find answers, mostly they find questions. An artist searches for meaning and helps the fishermen on the fishing boats. She kills many fish and wonders what we become after we die. And many fathoms down, deep in the gray Greenland Sea, old cod teach young cod, and fish sing and call out to one another like a chorus of birds and beasts. -RLW

The Age of Animals dir. Gregg Biermann
2014 | US | 40 | video
The very title of the film, The Age of Animals implies that the age can end, that there may soon be an age without animals. This film suggests that in the political opposition between science and religion, the casualties are entire species – perhaps all of them. -GB

"As a whole, Gregg Biermann’s recent work suggests a sense of the overwhelming in a historical moment in which we are disoriented visually, sonically, socially, politically, and even biologically." -Jaimie Baron (Festival of (in)appropriation)

* images from Ben Clarkson's Like a Moth (top) and Rui Hu's Metropolitan Triangle Garden (bottom