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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Eight futurist, hybrid works which simultaneously seek to look forwards and back. Radical modes of appropriation and photography (and almost just as often non-photography) are employed to shape a new vision of experimental science non-fiction. This program contains rapid movement and flashing light. New work from Canada, Germany and the United States.

Physics and Metaphysics in Modern Photography dir. Christine Lucy Latimer
2014 | CA | 6 | 16mm
This hybrid project uses a cell-phone to document a series of colour plate advertisements from The 1957 Photographer's Almanac. The footage is then transferred to 16mm film, presenting the advertised technologies of 1957 (coincidentally, the first year a digital image was ever generated) through simultaneous analog and digital lenses. A history is collapsed to observe the changing terminologies of lens-based practice. -CLL

Orenda dir. Emmalyne Laurin
2014 | CA | 9.5 | video
Orenda is a supernatural force believed by the Iroquois to be present, in varying degrees, in all objects, persons and living things. It drives all human accomplishment and our ability to change, elevate and achieve. The Avro Orenda jet engine was introduced in 1949, the Canadian manufacturer went on to produce military jet engines from the 1950s through to the 1970s. Composed of layered images from the inner workings of an Orenda jet engine and the propeller of a plane in flight. Orenda is the culmination of human achievement, a mechanical paradise where technology envelopes and obliterates everything. -EL

Stick It dir. Stefan Ramirez Perez
2014 | DE | 5 | video
Stick It combines television footage of gymnasts from the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics with recordings of the artist attempting the same routines. Merging himself and the young women into one composite character, he enters an ambivalent position between envy, identification, rejection and critique, of these highly controlled bodies and their restricted performative roles. The video follows the preparation and execution of a floor routine, suspending the marginal moment right before the action, encapsulating ambition, the pressure to succeed and the looming possibility of failure. -SRP

Filament Studies dir. Libi Striegl
2014 | US | 3 | video
An examination of imperfect translation, of the digital/physical gap, and of falling somewhat short of aspirations. An ode to tech-nostalgia and experimental processes of all sorts. A love song to the changing nature of the hand-made. 16mm film was modeled and 3D printed in various colors and at various thicknesses. That 3D printed 16mm film was then digitally photographed for animation using a JK optical printer. -LS

A Return to The Return to Reason dir. Sabine Gruffat

2014 | CA | 3 | 35mm on video
A scratch film for the 21st Century where 35mm black leader is meticulously etched frame by frame using a digital laser cutter (a machine designed for precision carpentry). A Return to The Return to Reason is a conceptual and materialist tribute to Man Ray's 1923 film Le Retour à La Raison (A Return to Reason), the first film to use the 'Rayogrph' technique in which Man Ray exposed found objects onto film negative. -SG

Inkjet 3056A dir. Karissa Hahn

2014 | US | 5 | 16mm
A cinegel swatchbook is scanned onto clear leader using an HP Deskjet printer. A rhythmic exploration of pure color traveling through a digital space. Color information is translated into beams of Red, Green, & Blue. -KH

Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six dir. Josh Weissbach

2014 | US | 11 | 16mm
Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six displays the physical changes of the maker’s heart since being born with the congenital disorder, Transposition of the Great Vessels. This chronicle showcases a movement from human to cyborg that connects personal vulnerability to 1980s science fiction. -JW

Under the Atmosphere dir. Mike Stoltz
2014 | US | 14.5 | 16mm
Filmed on the Central Florida "Space Coast", site of NASA's launch pads. Dormant spacecraft, arcane text, activated landscape, and the surface of the image work towards a future-past shot reverse shot. -MS

* image from Libi Striegl's Filament Studies (top) and Stefan Ramirez Perez's Stick It (bottom