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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Eight filmmakers enact for the camera rituals, both minute and monstrous, in various attempts to reconcile personal experience. Loss and grief, gender, the body, injury, 
mania, impulse and obsession are all among the subjects up for discussion here.

Before the Portrait dir. Karissa Hahn

2013 | US | 2 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere

Inspired by John William Waterhouse’s portrait A Mermaid (1901), a portrayal of this immobile creature idealized with images of femininity. A reenactment of Waterhouse’s fictional musings while he set up the framing for his shot.

No Porn dir. Jela Hasler

2013 | CH | 12 | video | Canadian premiere

Initially, the author wanted to make a film about a porn producer, but the project fails, and so she sees herself confronted with the disapproval of her family. Although both sides are willing to understand, their visions of life seem irreconcilable. –JH

SLIT ME A RIVER dir. Christine Negus

2013 | CA | 5 | video | Manitoban premiere
SLIT ME A RIVER uses the tale of Bubbly Creek - a section of the Chicago River that was reportedly polluted with animal entrails - as a point for an absurd departure. A 
narrator recounts a perverted version of the legend as a performer “recreates” the scene with a collection of crab heads, artificial aquarium plants, home décor pebbles and 
Kool-Aid. The result is a traumatic terrarium that is at once repulsive and alluring. –CN

The Parting Dance dir. Gerard Freixes Ribera

2013 | ES | 3 | video | Canadian premiere

Even if a couple looks like a happy unity on the outside, on the inside each member may try to nullify the other. By editing and manipulating found footage from a musical film, this work gives a visual representation to the division of a couple, in contrast with the ideal background love of Hollywood films. –GFR

Sunspots and Solar Flares dir. Maria Magnusson

2013 | SW | 2.5 | video | Canadian premiere

The starting point for this work is the astrologer Robin Amstrong's dystopic 1976 
recording, Nuclear War 1984?, and free unused residual material from the musician James Pants. The sound-collage is combined with 16mm found footage of a school in Toronto from 1968. Short edits of dancing children, slowed and repeated, create an 
impression of ritual. –MM

Second Skin dir. Lasha Mowchun

2012 | CA | 5 | video

Clothing makes us, but it can also unmake us. Through the atypical wearing of garments, the bodies of 3 dancers are transformed into strange almost inhuman creatures. –LM

Snapshots dir. Brian Stockton

2013 | CA | 11 | video | Manitoban premiere

A personal documentary featuring 5000 still photographs taken over a period of 25 years. A life flashing in front of your eyes in rapid, hypnotic fashion.

The Blazing World dir. Jessica Bardsley

2013 | US | 20 | video

A troubling relationship arises between the character played by Winona Ryder in the film Girl, Interrupted, the genuine depression experienced by the actress, and the shoplifting of which she was accused. Consisting entirely of clips stolen from existing films, this video essay, which ultimately turns out to be profoundly personal, explores possible links between depression and kleptomania. –JB

* images from Jela Halser's No Porn (top) and Lasha Mowchun's Second Skin (bottom)