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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

What do you do? What do you like to do? How do you spend your time? A collection of six films and videos concerned with the time we spend at work and the time we take for ourselves, and, usually with most clarity, the moments in which those two modes blur. New work from Canada, Portugal and the United States.

Odysée de fer (au haut Canada) dir. Stéphane Oystryk
2014 | CA | 3.5 | super 8mm on video
A One-Take Super 8 film that chronicles a VIA Rail train trip through the wilds of Ontario. -SO

With Grace dir. Spencer Neale
2014 | US | 17 | 16mm on video
Impressions of a five week journey - Ireland, France, Italy - with Grace. -SN

Alice e Darlene dir. Raul Domingues
2013 | PT | 7 | video
While maria cleans her house she finds a box full of slides and photographs. -RD

Afternoon In dir. Simon Liu
2014 | US | 3 | 16mm on video
An afternoon in to myself. Digging in inside. Ink spills: spilt nothing or at least no thing that I was fast enough to film. Light shines on mangled legs, working on a cut. Sixteen bi-packed, rewind knob, winding back for density; covering the singular moments of time that have already unwound out of the room. Thought in images: ideas and images for a film that will never be made but I make in my head as I check to see if the stove gas is secretly on over and over. And over again. -SL

Fausto and Emilio dir. Nora Sweeney

2014 | US | 13 | 16mm
“I like it...because it’s my job.” Waiting, snipping, shaving, smoking, and chatting - these are the daily rhythms of a barbershop in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio where brothers Fausto (age 83) and Emilio (age 75) have worked together for decades. The barbershop, with its turquoise barber chairs, porcelain sinks, collection of glass bottles of aftershave, and vintage postcards from Italy, is more than a workplace - it is a window into an earlier time. -NS

To Taste the Ground dir. Shannon Lynn Harris

2014 | CA | 23.5 | 16mm on video
To Taste the Ground is a lyrical documentary that viscerally moves through the seasonal life cycle of a small organic farm in British Columbia, Canada. The remote farm exists off grid in the Fraser Canyon with solar power and water that flows from the surrounding mountains. The relationship between the farmers and their environment is one of equality and respect and the camera embodies this capturing an experience of season and place. The seasons moving through the landscape embody a character in itself and the farmers live and move within it's rhythm. -SLH

* images from Raul Domingues' Alice e Darlene (top) and Nora Sweeney's Fausto and Emilio (bottom)