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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Seven films and videos concerned with the mechanics of the body, in all its capacity. Elements of dance and performance, alongside animation and analog manipulation in a survey exploring mythology, memory and spectacle. New work from Canada and the United States.

The Fortune Teller dir. Annie MacDonell
2015 | CA | 16 | video
The Fortune Teller tracks the repair of a cast resin hand from an arcade fortuneteller machine. At the centre and foreground of the film the object is carefully reassembled, while other sets of hands perform separate tasks around, behind, before and after it. The hand-object is an allegory for a non-linear, non-progressive relationship to time. The process of its restoration moves it backwards through history towards its point of origin, but also returns it to functionality, re-enabling its connection to the future. -AM

Ham Over Rice dir. Ying Liu
2014 | US | 3.5 | video
Rapidly moving through a series of associative images, visual puns and plays on words, Ham Over Rice combines live action, animation, pictorial text, narration and sound to play off of the Chinese myth of the god Houyi, an archer who saves the world but loses his immortality. -YL

Chorus dir. Benjamin Edelberg

2014 | CA | 2.5 | video
Chorus studies the ambiguity of face and gender when taken out of context. I am particularly interested in how the expressions are reinterpreted by the viewer; a moment of horror is gratification, a moment of joy, one of rage. With this removal of context, the individual expressions are free to respond to one another which creates a visual dialogue or call and response. -BE

Construction dir. Alison James

2014 | CA | 6 | video
Addressing the malleable, unreliable nature of memory, Construction animates the collective memory of four people by use of screen printed paper dolls. Following a non-linear timeline, memories evoked question the validity of collective remembering, and illuminate the sense of belonging that is the result of their formation. -AJ

Pavilion dirs. Adam Sekuler + Shannon Stewart

2014 | US | 3.5 | super 8mm on video
An imagined spectacle, rodeo iconography, the feminine body, the equine body, dressage. -AS

That Dizzying Crest dir. Jeremy Moss

2013 | US | 11 | 16mm on video
Direct manipulation acts as inciting catalyst as a dancing figure becomes ingrained and lost in the celluloid, creating an immersive new realm for the moving figure. She repeats short phrases of choreography on ambient loop; each repetition alters our perception of movement and space. -JM

Item Number dir. Oliver Husain

2012 | CA | 16 | video
Two minutes before the curtain rises, an actress is waiting for her performance. -OH


Inserting Stillness dir. Hannah Doucet [as looped video]

2015 | CA | 16 | video
Inserting Stillness depicts a fragmentation and distortion of the female figure, alluding to allegory and failure within photographic representation. The work shifts between moments of pure video, and re-videography of a printed photograph. As a figure physically manipulates the printed image, the fabric begins to act as flesh, and the performative gesture oscillates between tenderness and a subtly violent act. -HD

Dance with Me! dir. Laura Trager [as looped video]
2013 | US | 4 | video
Dance With Me! explores the human body and its sensory relations by framing it as matter moving in space and time. Stressing its weight, surface structure, kinetic abilities and flexibility, this piece is an abstract audio-visual experience of the dancing body in digital video. Images captured by attaching a small camera to different body parts of the dancers show the human body from new, surprising angles and are, although highly familiar, also highly abstract. -LT

* images from Jeremy Moss' That Dizzying Crest (top) and Benjamin Edelberg's Chorus (bottom)