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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

The informal sequel to last year's program Spending Time with Yr Elders, this time featuring the whole family. Four portraits by turns comedic and contemplative, of parents, children and pets - those dearest. New work from Canada and the United States.

Portrait of Cecilia dir. Maura Wendelken
2014 | US | 5 | 16mm on video
This film is a portrait of my daughter, Cecilia. The camera works as my eye, looking to her in her childhood. I look to her with the delicate balance between the intimacy of knowing and the distance of being the observer. This piece is a poem to her and to our bond. It is both a celebration of her childhood and an ode to my own. -MW

Poem dir. Dan Browne
2015 | CA | 4 | video
An ode to my daily environment and the presences of two beings – one newly arrived, the other recently departed. -DB

Following Penny dir. Tom Kowalsky
2014 | CA | 8 | video
Penny the Lab finds her freedom at last! Rescued after 3 1/2 years of indoor life. No walks, no grass, no wind, no running - no more! -TK

In Like a Lion dir. Maura Jasper

2014 | US | 37 | video
In Like a Lion is a video collaboration with my mother, whose eyewitness accounts of seasonal change are videotaped daily. To produce this work she learned to operate a professional camcorder, microphone and lights, all of which were installed in her kitchen for the duration of a month. In June 2012 she was asked to document from direct observation the seasonal change from spring to summer- using her new iPhone. As the month progresses, she experiences an increased dependence on her phone as a window between private and public space, and a resource for information.

* image from Maura Jasper's In Like a Lion