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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." ­Elbert Hubbard. Three radical and unique perespectives on the value and function of friendship are crafted through pop­-cultural dissection and anthropological observation. Mature content warning; new work from Canada, Denmark and the United States.

That First Friend dir. Chance Taylor
2013 | CA | 1.5 | video
Databending realism. If brains are just processors, then what do memories look like? -CT

A Boy Needs a Friend dir. Steve Reinke
2015 | CA/US | 23 | video
In this latest installment of his ongoing video essay, “Final Thoughts,” Steve Reinke ostensibly turns to the subject of friendship. A Boy Needs a Friend delves into its topic head on, in particular investigating the notion of queer Nietzschean friendship. Using his signature dry voice-over monologue to tie together an eclectic array of disparate images, ranging from found footage collages to digital animation and cell phone video, Reinke sets forth theories about the identity of Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, needle point doodles, the upsides of owning both US and Canadian citizenship, and the ability of corpses to have sex. -Berlinale

We Chose the Milky Way dir. Eva Marie Rødbro
2015 | DK | 26 | video
Scenes from life on another planet, where a hedonistic civilization of young women decorate themselves with artificial nails, white clothes and a fake tan before taking the limo to the city. But Rødbro's film is from the suburbs of Copenhagen, and is shaped by its environment - an anthropological something between a bling hip hop video, social-realist science fiction and a documentary version of Spring Breakers, whose surreal shock cuts place us as participants, rather than mere spectators, in a world where everything is artificial - except friendships. Rødbro has made an extremely style-conscious and intelligent study of a lifestyle and an environment, where pure excess is elevated to an existential principle. -CPH:DOX

* images from Chance Taylor's That First Friend (top) and Eva Marie Rødbro's We Chose the Milky Way (bottom)