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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Five filmmakers assume various positions of vulnerability in this collection of ultra-­personal short films and videos. Intimate relationships and semantics are parsed to create radical investigations of risk, representation, and what it means to exist inside one's body. I couldn't wait for you to encounter this work in public. Mature content warning; new work from Canada and the United States.

1_ _ _ _1 dir. Karissa Hahn
2016 | US | 3 | super 8mm on video
one roll of super 8. OH, canted angle…. a ‘collaboration’ or rather, a collusion of sorts…. as for my volition….I fall, you falter…. thinking about “A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros” by William Adolphe Bouguereau 1880... thinking about….suspense/tension, taking us down with me…. -KH

Two Aries dir. Josh Weissbach
2015 | US | 3.5 | 2 x super 8mm
Two Aries that are simultaneously the same and different. -JW

2843 Colborne St. E dir. Josh Weissbach
2012 | US | 11 | 16mm
Black / White / Image / Sound / Father / Son / 2843 Colborne St. E. -JW

dissolution/resolution dir. Shana Macdonald
2016 | CA | 3 | video
The film documents the artist's body in a moment of transformation, capturing the fleeting mundane experiences of pregnancy. It is a reflection on the artist’s sense of dissolution and her resolve to be fully present for another, anticipating the paradox that pending motherhood will bring. -SM

Notes from the Interior dir. Ben Balcom

2015 | US | 11 | 16mm
Wandering through the body puzzling out a system of symbols. The trouble is, affect resists signification outright. The inside and outside become muddled when you start to feel your body in relation to the image. -BB

Solitary Acts #4 dir. Nazlı Dinçel

2015 | US | 8 | 16mm
The filmmaker films herself masturbate the object of debate. She hears others claim her body, her habits: those in her conservative surroundings as a child. -ND

Solitary Acts #5 dir. Nazlı Dinçel

2015 | US | 5.5 | 16mm
The filmmaker films herself practice kissing with a mirror. She recalls teenage memories of overconsumption, confusing oral fixations that are both sexual (kissing) and bodily (eating). -ND

Solitary Acts #6 dir. Nazlı Dinçel

2015 | US | 11 | 16mm
This is a feminist critique of the Oedipal complex. The filmmaker recounts an abortion she had in 2009. The aborted child survives and becomes her lover. Her subject is filmed in a private act, complicating what could be an act of the solitary. -ND

* images from Ben Balcom's Notes from the Interior (top) and Nazlı Dinçel's Solitary Acts #5 (bottom)