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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Take a walk through someone else's eyes, see a mile in their shoes (or something like that). Home movies, confessions, chance encounters with art stars and other mysterious happenings inform this eclectic sampling of personal stories and perspectival experiments. New work from Canada, Germany and the United States.

Free Fall with John and Yoko dir. Adam Badlotto
2015 | US | 3.5 | super 8mm on video
A man’s injury is a constant reminder of an encounter with a famous Beatle. -AB

Night Swells dir. Zachary Epcar
2015 | US | 5 | video
And you love that humid atmosphere / And you look so lush under glass. -ZE

Deux Champs (Two Fields) dir. Kevin Obsatz
2015 | US | 8 | 16mm on video
My great uncle, as a young photographer in Greenwich Village, created a double-exposed portrait of Marcel Duchamp by mistake in 1953. 55 years later that photo appeared in the pages of Smithsonian Magazine, and was featured at a Duchamp retrospective in Washington DC. This short documentary is a reflection on the distant memory of that day in 1953, and everything that has happened since. -KO

Familiar Memories dir. Pol Merchan
2016 | DE | 4 | super 8mm on video
Familiar Memories is based on a flea market find of Super 8 archives dated in the 60’s. At first glance, it seems to be apparently a father placed at the center of the image, a man who stages himself in front of the camera as a terrifying, smug tyrant. The reconstruction of a family archive through fragmentary and disturbing memories, is moved to the limit of what we classify as fiction. A voice-over recontextualizes the images by telling a story of what is not visible. -PM

Lobotomies dirs. Erin Buelow + Zorya Arrow

2015 | CA | 8 | video
Lobotomies follows the fractured perspective of an unnamed woman as she struggles to recall the figure who lies beside her. She looks to the history of lobotomies to make sense of the situation. -EB

Nuthouse Drawings dir. James Hollenbaugh

2015 | US | 2.5 | super 8mm on video
Susan Lowe is most well known as an actress in the early movies of filmmaker John Waters. This short portrait film focuses on Susan's life as an artist and in particular her works known as 'Nuthouse Drawings'. Sometimes thought of as painting friends, Susan started creating these works while staying at a psychiatric hospital. Serving as a way to battle her depression, fear, and loneliness, the 'Nuthouse Drawings' are a one of a kind look into the mind of one of Baltimore's most imaginative artists. -JH

Clean dir. Danielle Sturk

2015 | CA | 3.5 | super 8mm on video
A woman comes clean in a car wash. -DS

Thunderbolt dir. Heidi Phillips

2015 | CA | 5 | 16mm on video
Light explodes out of the darkness engulfing a young woman as she tries to find her way through the storm. -HP

May We Sleep Soundly dir. Denis Côté

2015 | CA | 13 | video
Winter persists. Something happened. At the heart of the woods, on the slopes of mountains, in the streets and even inside homes, a strange silence took up residence. Will there remain a soul to witness the recent event? -DC

* images from Denis Côté's May We Sleep Soundly (top) and Zachary Epcar's Night Swells (bottom)