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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Two new multi­faceted films from the Toronto area provide a reflection on love, desire, and various political and cultural constructs. Also, icons of cinema and the art of projection. Could the couple also be a form of resistance?

Famous Diamonds dir. Daniel McIntyre
2016 | CA | 7 | 16mm on video
A kaleidoscopic diary trapped inside a volcano, Famous Diamonds studies lies, love, and desire through the eyes of an exploding icon. The film obsesses over the personal effects of a fabricated cultural value for the very notion of wanting, built up by a century of diamond advertising. Composed of various image-making techniques, Famous Diamonds is a hand-painted, hand-processed tour of the dissolution of one’s internal image of desire. -DM

We Make Couples dir. Mike Hoolboom
2016 | CA | 58 | video
This Marxist love story asks: could the couple also be a form of resistance? Essay notes on marriage, microcinema, and the art of projection. With guest appearances by Occupy, Pussy Riot protesters, a runaway goat, two poodles, an army of street marchers, Mos Def, Frankenstein and cinema’s first kiss. -MH

* images from Mike Hoolboom's We Make Couples (top) and Daniel McIntyre's Famous Diamonds (bottom)