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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Far beyond the realm of the internet, the Cat’s relationship with cinema and moving-image extends nearly to the point of inextricability. More than any other animal 
companion, filmmakers have continuously throughout history turned their cameras to their cats to create buoyant, boundless works, which revel in the feline characteristics the 
artists seem so drawn to. Beginning with possibly the earliest “cat-video” in history, WUFF presents a survey by turns violent, playful, strange, quiet and contemplative.

The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton’s)
dirs. William K.L. Dickson + William Heise
1894 | US | .5 | 35mm on video
A glove contest between trained cats. A very comical and amusing subject, and is sure to create a great laugh. –Edison Studios

The Private Life of a Cat dirs. Alexander Hammid + Maya Deren
1944 | US | 22 | 16mm on video
An intimate study of a female cat and the birth and maturation of her five kittens. –TCM

Pussy Cat dir. Federico Cosci
2013 | IT | .5 | video

My Cat Gets an Aura Reading dir. Peggy Ahwesh
2012 | US | 1 | video
My cat Claude was recovering from a car accident that nearly killed him and I thought it would be interesting to have his aura read. I wanted to see how he was feeling psychically and test for trauma or unhappiness. Fortunately, the cat seemed to be fine and pretty healthy. –PA

Strange Pussy dir. Tyler Hubby
2001 | US | 4.5 | video
Ode to a strange little pussy. –TH

Cats Morphing Into Croissants dir. xGCGGCCGCx
2010 | JP | 1 | video
Some cats' photos made me to remind croissant (or maybe bagel) by their colors and shapes. This is just an image conjured in my mind :D

Me-ow dir. Mat Flemo
2008 | UK | 2 | video
The cats name is Bob, I made the film with Debbie. –MF

The Turning of the Year dir. Rich Fedorchak
2013 | US | 4.5 | super 8mm | Manitoban premiere
Spontaneous Super 8 explorations of the internal and external landscapes of my life as 2012 passes into 2013. –RF

Magellan dir. Karissa Hahn
2013 | US | 2.5 | 16mm on video | Canadian Premiere
One roll of 16mm film, a portrait of a friend. –SF

These Are Some of My Friends dir. Stéphane Oystryk
2012 | CA | 3 | super 8mm on video
Some of my friends. Some of their thoughts. –SO

Roommate’s August Song dirs. Jodie Mack + Emily Kuehn
2011 | US | 5 | video

Here Is Everything dirs. Duke and Battersby
2013 | US | 14 | video | Manitoban premiere
Here Is Everything presents itself as a message from The Future, as narrated by a cat and a rabbit, spirit guides who explain that they’ve decided to speak to us via a contemporary art video because they understand this to be our highest form of communication. Their cheeky introduction, however, belies the complex set of ideas that fill the remainder of the film. Death, God, and attaining and maintaining a state of Grace are among the thematic strokes winding their way through the piece, rapturously illustrated with animation, still and video imagery. –Duke


Kaleidoscope Cat dir. Nicole Mueller [looped video installation]
2013 | US | 1.5 | video
A fluid, hand-painted animation in mixed media. –SF

Cat Food dir. Joyce Wieland [looped video installation]
1967 | CA | 14 | 16 mm video
A cat eats its methodical way through a polymorphous fish. The projector devours the ribbon of film at the same rate, methodically. The lay of Grimnir mentions a wild boar whose magical flesh was nightly devoured by the heroes of Valhalla, and miraculously regenerated next morning in the kitchen. The fish in Wieland's film, and the miraculous flesh of the film itself, are reconstructed on the rewinds to be devoured again. Here is a dionysian metaphor, old as the West, of immense strength. Once we see that the fish is the protagonist of the action, this metaphor reverberates to incandescence in the mind. –Hollis Frampton

* images from Karissa Hahn's Magellan (top) and Joyce Wieland's Cat Food (bottom)