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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Explorations of personal history, lineage and transition, laser-eye surgery, a nursing home. Six intimate and radical portraits provide a contemplative afternoon with Mom and Dad, Grandma and/or Grandpa.

Over {Past:Future} Sight dir. Christine Lucy Latimer

2006 | CA | 6 | 16mm | Manitoban premiere

This film uses video footage captured from the surgeon’s microscope during my father’s laser eye surgery. The footage is transferred to 16mm colour film, printed, edge-fogged and brown-toned. Clinical and impersonal video documentation transforms into an 
intimate hand-made celluloid exchange with my father’s watchful yet un-watching eye. 

Calico dir. Colin Nixon

2014 | CA | 15 | video | World premiere

The residents of Manoir Lac Brome film themselves. Shot in one day. –CN

Ceallaigh at Kilmainham dir. Kelly Gallagher
2013 | US | 7 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere

A 16mm collaged and handcrafted exploration of land, roots, and the strength of the women who came before me. –KG

Herradura dir. Ellie Parker

2014 | US | 5.5 | super 8mm on video | Canadian premiere

A film-poem for Mari and Jorge Arteta. –EP

Älä itke minua, ältini (Weep not for me, O mother) dir. Joel Autio

2014 | FI | 6.5 | 16mm on video | International Premiere

Leena feels she's lost something. –JA

Water Washing Through Bones dir. Laura Marie Wayne

2013 | CA | 12 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere

Water Washing Through Bones is a series of hushed, contemplative moments that reflect the existence of Eduardo Zamora (78), one of the last remaining elders of a dying 
mountain town in Cuba. Like Eduardo’s world, the film is sublime and hypnotic, offering a portrait of both solitude and the search to see oneself reflected in another. –LMW

* images from Colin Nixon's Calico (top) and Joel Autio's Älä itke minua, ältini (bottom)