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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Twelve filmmakers and video-manipulators respond to perceived systemic breakdown, with pointed examinations of consumer culture, the dissemination of media, celebrity obsession, privacy, surveillance, and social inequality. Alternately wry and critical, this is uneasy cinema.

BROKEN NEW: Disaster dir. Lori Felker
2012 | US | 5 | video | Canadian premiere
Part one in a series. I read the headlines all day. At night, I recalled what I knew. I went to sleep. I woke myself up. I reported the newest news I could muster. I went back to bed. I forgot what I said. I asked my graphics team to rebuild the news after I broke it. –LF

Proposal for the Radical Redesign of North American Lighting
dir. Ben Clarkson
2013 | CA | 2 | video | World premiere

The Choir dir. Marcantonio Lunardi
2013 | IT | 4.5 | video | Canadian premiere
Television is the only interface through which the remains of culture are spread. In The Choir, the author represents commercialization as a force which destroys civilization, which is then melted into a flattening mixture submitted to the market. –ML

14 x 14 dirs. Alberto Cabrera Bernal + Albert Alcoz
2012 | ES | 3 | 16mm on video | Manitoban premiere
14 x 14 is a 16 mm found footage film in which, from several identical prints of a commercial, a structuralist montage is proposed. Images have been manipulated through the chemical alteration of the physical support. –AA

Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart dir. Clint Enns
2013 | CA | 1.5 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
John Denver provides a lesson about personal self esteem and the benefits of caring. –CE

Freedom dir. Neil Ira Needleman
2013 | US | 4.5 | video | Manitoban premiere
A subtle elegy to the excesses of capitalism. A delicate ode to overabundance. An understated tribute to those whose cups runneth over and over and over and over and over and... –NN

VIDEO WORK dir. Guli Silberstein
2014 | UK | 4 | video | Canadian premiere
As department-store workers try to submit a petition to managers, a raging flash mob breaks out. The online video file is filtered through B&W noise and warps, transforming the protest act into a flickering audio-visual landscape. The work highlights the struggle for human rights and Media’s contemporary role as a possible instrument in actions for change. –GS

Animal Bone Ash dir. Benjamin Balcom
2014 | US | 10 | video | World premiere
A list of animal fragments invoking the strange materiality of distended information. –BB

Golden Eye dir. LJ Frezza
2013 | US | 6 | video | Canadian premiere
Goldeneye was the name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate. It was also the name of a military surveillance operation developed by Fleming while he was a naval intelligence officer. This is an abridged history of surveillance in the 20th Century, every James Bond movie released before the War on Terror. –LJF

Just Like Us dir. Jesse McLean
2013 | US | 15 | video | Manitoban premiere
A familiar landscape comprised of big box stores and parking lots proves a rich site for longing, intimacy, and radical change. Celebrities are observed in this environment and are reduced to ordinary beings in the process. An enigmatic protagonist reveals little moments of subjectivity that escape into the piece like a contaminant, rupturing the view and evidencing the paradox of connection and belonging within systems that simultaneously contain us and comprise us. –JM

The Inner and Outer Vanishing Point dir. Cameron Gibson
2013 | US | 20 | video | Canadian premiere
An unnamed paranoia is flowing through the American countryside like a noxious gas. Drifting between documentary and fiction, memory and reality, the film attempts to trace and embody this inexplicable threat on the horizon. –CG


BROKEN NEW: Drama dir. Lori Felker [looped video installation]

2012 | US | 7 | video | Manitoban premiere

Part two in a series. Watch the news unfold as it has already been broken, continues to break, and grows increasingly newer. –LF

BROKEN NEW: Conspiracy dir. Lori Felker [looped video installation]

2012 | US | 8 | video | Manitoban premiere

Part three in a series. This installment of the news rests comfortably in the atmospheres of morning and conspiracy. –LF

* images from LJ Frezza's Golden Eye (top) and Clint Enns' Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart (bottom)