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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

The process of movie making is dissected and put on display in seven films and videos inspired by cinematography, sound recording, grip work, digital effects and more. Look behind the silver screen and see the magic of cinema at once celebrated and dispelled. New work from Canada and the United States.

REGAL dir. Karissa Hahn
2015 | US | 2 | 16mm
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Torrented/pirated (digital) images as found footage, printed from a household printer onto 16mm clear film. Such as the loading dial, REGAL aims to circulate and find its way back to the screen. Take this proxy and see that the ghost has become tangible. Informed largely by Hito Steyerl's "In Defense of the Poor Image" -KH

The Joy of Creation dir. Ryan Simmons
2013 | CA | 3 | super 8mm on video
A glimpse of famed Winnipeg filmmaker Noam Gonick at work - in the wild! Shot for the WNDX One-Take Super 8 Event in 2013. -SF

Hacked Circuit dir. Deborah Stratman
2014 | US | 15 | video
A single-shot, choreographed portrait of the Foley process, revealing multiple layers of fabrication and imposition. The circular camera path moves inside and back out of a Foley stage in Burbank, California. While portraying sound artists at work, typically invisible support mechanisms of filmmaking are exposed, as are, by extension and quotation, governmental violations of individual privacy. -DS

I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining dir. Jesse McLean
2015 | US | 14 | video
This video is an experimental portrait of a lighting stand-in/body double whose work and corporal self appears in films even if her name does not. Through a purposeful masking of the (sometimes subtle) differentiations between performance and acting, famous Hollywood actress and her double, character, actual person, audience expectation, and cinema magic this video offers a look behind the silver screen. -JM

Every Filter in Final Cut Pro dir. Lisa McCarty

2013 | US | 10 | video
Please refer to title. -LM

ABCAM dir. Richard Martin

2015 | CA | 8 | video
Rushes from a TV movie reveal the narrative and the angles as it deconstructs the cinematic conventions.

Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton dirs. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson

2015 | CA | 32 | video
Guided by the spirit of Evan Johnson's Cuadecec Manifesto (which calls for makings-of en masse), Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton is a strange, stirring and anarchic behind-the-scenes look at Paul Gross' new feature, Hyena Road

* images from Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson's Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (top) and Jesse McLean's I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining (bottom)