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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

Some kind of avant-­garde meltdown. A collection of ten short films and videos exploring romance and desire, self­-help spiritualism, cultural detritus, and various forms of digital decay. Drift away from your body for the win. New work from Austria, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE! dir. Chris Paul Daniels
2015 | UK | 5.5 | video
A bombardment of cultural references, fictional corporate case studies, and empty rhetorical word play collide - aligning commercial self help theory and the emphasis on the individual to independently solve complex situations with the current international political lexicon. -CPD

Gary Wilson and the Austin Blind Dates dirs. Clint Enns + Paul D. Millar
2015 | CA | 2.5 | video
Documentation of a rare performance of Gary Wilson with The Austin Blind Dates shot by Clint Enns on Paul D. Millar's PXL2000 at Salvage Vanguard Theater as part of Austin's New Media Art & Sound Summit on June 12, 2014. -CE

Elvis Prezzley dir. Milos Mitrovic
2013 | CA | 3 | video
Elvis Presley sings a song. -MM

Body Contours dir. Kristin Reeves
2015 | US | 6 | video
Make movies in your mind, feel the soundtrack, and drift away from your body for the win. Produced through a media art residency at Signal Culture using real-time analog video processing tools. -KR

Love Life dir. Alex Ateah

2014 | CA | 2.5 | video
In this selfie-style video, the artist discusses the type of person that she imagine herself being with. Although the thoughts and ideas expressed are greatly exaggerated, they are all based on reality. Using exaggeration, voice manipulation, speed and repetition and adding tacky photographs, text, and transitions, her goal is to mock, make fun of, and look realistically at her irrational thoughts. -AA

Take Me to Pemberley dir. Daniela Zahlner

2015 | AU | 8 | video
Mr. Darcy: the synonym for the romantic hero since 1813, when he appeared in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The book had several movie adaptations that not only inscribe Darcy's character in popular culture, but also illustrate our capitalist notions of love and desire, and a wish for escapism into a pre-industrialized, pre-virtualized world. I, too, fell for Mr. Darcy. Thanks to my webcam and Photo Booth, I can finally have my go in winning him over. -DZ

SATURN RETURN dirs. Ale Bachlechner + Olivia Platzer

2015 | DE | 15 | video
An experimental self help video, illustrated with re-enacted scenes from personal experience, shot exclusively by a two-woman team. -AB

(I)FRAME dirs. Karissa Hahn + Andrew Kim

2015 | US | 10 | 16mm
In the language of video compression, the (I) frames are the reference points between which movement is interpolated. Manual deletion or misplacement of (I) frames results in a video glitch known as a datamosh … the stream of nformation d srupted, d sorgan zed … nterupeted … lost … the ( ) frame removed, rejected … BUT, reclaimed, the (I) frame, the burning bolts of the machine, are at once reasserted in this dance macabre.... -KH

Mad Ladders dir. Michael Robinson

2015 | US | 10 | video
A modern prophet’s visions of mythical destruction and transformation are recounted across a turbulent geometric ceremony of rising curtains, swirling set pieces, and unveiled idols from music television’s past. Together, these parallel cults of revelation unlock a pathway to the far side of the sun. -MR

All of My Star Wars Cards dir. Ross Meckfessel

2016 | US | 1.5 | 16mm
Every Star Wars card I owned. A eulogy. -RM

* images from Milos Mitrovic's Elvis Prezzley (top) and Daniela Zahlner's Take Me to Pemberley (bottom)