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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

In this - our 4th annual <90 Second filmmaking challenge - more than 50 filmmakers from around the globe are included in this dazzling display of very short shorts. We hope this <90 Second program to be as vast and untethered as the global experimental film scene ought to be. Special attention is given to local submissions and the egalitarian principals that founded our collective are represented in our willingness to include as much work as possible into this jam packed program.

Because at the end of the day, if you don't like the film... it'll be over in 90 seconds.

--- The <90 Second ---

Getting Started dir. Clint Enns
How to Make a Phantastik Film dir. Lindsay McIntyre
How to Make a Sandwich dir. Steve Basham
Spiegelschüsse dir. Stefan Möckel
Three Spots
dir. Peter Mack

Effort dir. Kuesti Fraun
Ghandi Gurlz dir. Shawn Jordan
Caroline’s Carts dir. Caroline Thiessen
The Art Video dir. Jazmin Papadopoulos
pentastic jazz fest! dir. Ryan Steel

Counsellor dir. Venetia Taylor
Why Though dir. Maura Campbell
Kein Blut für Öl/ No Blood for Oil dir. Wilda WahnWitz
Inverted Fountain dir. Krefer

The Lunch Thieves dir. Andreas Goldfuss
Just a Place dir. Amir George
When the Giant Says the Bookstore Is Closing
dir. Patrick Delhougne
This is an Official Message of Encouragement dir. Matt Rankin

Fixed dir. Jeremy Newman
The Moray Eel Opposite the Bathroom dir. Pierre Yves Clouin
A Bunch of Ducks dir. Sean Hanley
Studies in Seasonal Decay dir. Kelsey Braun
Forest Floor dir. Tracy Peters

inside the guts of a dead bird dir. John DeSousa
Datadisco dir. DATAMOSH
REMIXXX'd dir. Eric Cloutier
DKNSTRKT // RKNSTRKT dir Jesse Warkentin
The Singing Oscilloscope dir. Paul Dodgson
Bonbonniere dir. Daniela Zahlner

Away Home dir. Tyrone Deise
1961 dir. James Dixon
The Mountain dir. Pawel Grajnert
Beating A Dead Horse dir. Nigel Webber

M36 dir. Alison James
Coal Shed dir. Zaba
From Within dir. Yen-Chao Lin & Oliver Lewis
Red dir. Beyon wren moor
Neighbourhood Yokai dir. Fuyuka Kato & Michael Lyons

Aerchitecture dir. Ryan Hill
Chopper dir. Arley Willim
Po-Po Slow Mo dir. Cynthia Wolf Nolin
The Smallest Tweet dir. Chris Paul Daniels

Straight Lines (for RV) dir. Scott Fitzpatrick
Heads or Tails dir. Kyle Whitehead
134 printed paper textures dir. John William
Arenas Blancas Pt. 2: Impression of Scale dir. Ryder Thomas White

Le paradis n'est pas artificiel dir. Dan Browne
Identity and Time: a philosophical inquiry dir. Mat Lacosse
inwards dir. samira guadagnuolo
a conversation with a black hole dir. J. T. Moore

* image from Alison James' M36