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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


CINEMA STUDIES // hollywood repurposed / 57 min
8:30PM /// Fri, June 14 // @ Frame Arts Warehouse, 318 1/2 Ross Ave. / $5


Digital editing and the web have altered dramatically the way film and video artists engage with archival material, and the history of moving image before them. No longer regarded as something only to be observed, the vast waste of films left behind by Hollywood has been opened up for season by an artistic community growing less and less reverent to copyright law, and around the world new ideas are being forged from these old images. WUFF is excited to present nine new videos that further this tradition of appropriation, starring Cary Grant, Donald Sutherland, Bill Paxton, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Montgomery Clift, Robert DeNiro, Mickey Mouse and more, all as they were never intended.

Univverrsal Picturessssss dir. Jan Mensen
2011 | DE | :30 | One of Hollywood’s most famous logos, corrupted and destroyed by the combination of different compression methods.

Crop Duster Octet dir. Gregg Biermann
2011 | US | 5 | One of the most iconic sequences in the history of Hollywood cinema is deconstructed and reassembled to illuminate the patterns, rhythms and choreography of the original. The resulting picture is an eight-banded, kinetic tour de force.

Erasable Cities dir. Salise Hughes
2011 | US | 12 | Conversations between Marco Polo and Kubia Khan recorded by Italo Calvino.

Carmilla’s Thirst dir. Wendy Morgan
2012 | CA | :30 | A meditation on Roger Vadim’s Et Mourir de plaisir.

Titanic: abridged dir. Jesse Hamel
2012 | CA | 2 | The narrative arc of one of Hollywood’s biggest films is revisited with the abruptness and abandon of a choose-your-own-adventure book.

Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver dir. Bryan Boyce
2011 | US | 4.5 | Walt Disney’s re-imagineering of Martin Scorsese’s classic film Taxi Driver follows Mickey Mouse-obsessed Travis Bickle as he looks for love in a rapidly transforming New York City.

Postface dir. Frederic Moffet
2011 | CA | 7 | Postface takes a look back at the filmography of Montgomery Clift, whose private life and career spiraled downward after a 1956 car crash that left his face scarred and partially paralyzed.

The Time That Remains dir. Soda_Jerk
2012 | AU | 12 | In this gothic melodrama, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis perpetually wake to find themselves haunted by appartitions of their older and younger selves. Isolated in their own screen space, each woman must struggle to reclaim time from the gendered discourses of ageing that mark her has ‘past her prime’.

Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo dirs. Fabio Scacchioli + Vincenzo Core
2011 | IT | 12 | There is a distance between us and our image reality. Even between thought and language, there is a similar lapse, necessary to transmit the signal via electrical impulses from the brain to different parts of the body. This is a film about this distance.