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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Manitoba, Ontario, New York, New Zealand, Tokyo, Times Square, Niagara Falls, Bali. Nine filmmakers point their lenses (or in one case, Google’s) to the outside world in 
attempts to not only document place, but to harness energy. No passport required.

Odeon Drive-In Theatre, 72 Hours dir. Ryan Marques

2013 | CA | 3 | video | Canadian premiere

An experimental film composed of analogue stills made from a series of long exposure 
pinhole cameras over a continuous 72 hour period. –RM

It Goes dir. Brandon Doherty

2013 | US | 3.5 | video | Canadian premiere

A pinhole film. circular journey around an urban landscape. –BD

Conservatory dir. Stephen Broomer

2013 | CA | 3.5 | 16mm on video | Manitoban premiere

Stamens and pistils are lit in rapid succession behind the dome of the Palm House at Allan Gardens in Toronto. The plants trade colour, making alien scenes in the conservatory. Solid forms, too near to the eye, become muddied and indistinct, in constant passage, but the dome and the grid are fixed. –SB

45 7 Broadway dir. Tomonari Nishikawa
2012 | US | 5 | 16mm | Manitoban premiere

This is about Times Square, the noises and movements at this most well-known intersection. It was shot on B&W films through color filters, red, green, and blue, then optically printed onto color films through these filters. The layered images of shots by handheld camera would agitate the scenes, and advertisements on the digital billboards try to pull ahead of others. –TN

C-LR: Coorow-Latham Road for Those Who Don’t Have the Time
dir. Blake Williams

2013 | CA | 2.5 | video | World premiere
Coorow-Latham Road for those who don't have the time. Made using Google Street View Hyperlapse, for Clint Enns. –BW

Look at Me Nippon dir. Joon Sung

2013 | JP | 6 | video | World premiere

Inspired by the people on the streets in Japan who were desperately looking for others attention. By presenting a part of the world that can be easily found in most civilized countries, this video is examining the reality of the attention-driven world. –JS

Hanoi Traffic dir. Val Klassen
2013 | CA | 3 | video
Chaos at its best, at an uncontrolled intersection in Hanoi.

Death Songs & Car Bombs dirs. Brendan + Jeremy Smyth

2013 | US | 6.5 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere

Guided by a ceremonial death song, an attempt to reach the unholy sea transforms into a chaotic place study of Bali's infamous tourism district – car-bombed one year after 9/11. Osama bin Laden declared the attack to be a direct response to the United States' War on Terror. Now, a dimly-lit memorial stands amidst a sea of Western signage, and by fate, an identical Mitsubishi L300 passes as the roll flares out. –BS

Niagara’s Fury dir. Benjamin R. Taylor

2013 | CA | 27 | video | Manitoban premiere

Niagara's Fury is a photographic documentary that explores the city that has grown up around the world's most famous waterfalls. A series of intricately 
composed tableaux examines eerily empty monuments to tourism, entertainment and consumption. The film ponders over the confusion and absurdity of mankind's icons and why the falls might be so furious. –BT


Coorow-Latham Road dir. Blake Williams [looped video installation]

2011 | CA | 20 | video | Manitoban premiere

A trek down the entire length of Coorow-Latham Road – a small, barely inhabited path in Western Australia, about 250km north of Perth. The camera faces forward at the beginning, then slowly pans to the left over the course of the journey until it finally settles on a rear-view gaze of the road traveled. Images acquired from Google’s Street View application. –BW

* images from Brendan + Jeremy Smyth's Death Songs & Car Bombs (top) and Stephen Broomer's Conservatory (bottom)