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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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For the second year in a row, Open City Cinema put out an open call to the world for films and videos running 90 seconds or less. With a record number of submissions, here’s the best of the shortest of the short: 60 films and videos from around the globe, collectively offering a crash course on all things underground.

CHAPTER 1: Independent Filmmakers
Independent Filmmaker dir. Andreas Goldfuss | CA
Fibonacci for One dir. D.N. Williams | US
The Complete History of Mankind and the Rest of the World dir. Alex Nathanson | US
John Porter’s T-Shirt Collection dirs. John Porter, Clint Enns + Leslie Supnet | CA
Another Statement about Society dir. Lansing Bruce Robertson | CA
The Privilege of Achievement dir. Scott Leroux | CA

CHAPTER 2: F*** Your Eyes
Host or Ghost dir. Christine Negus | CA
I Only Have Eyes for You dir. Jaimz Asmundson | CA
The Story of the Red Guy dir. Wilda WahnWitz | DE
Signals dir. David McGregor | CA
jk dir. Milos Mitrovic | CA
The Magic Soup dir. Hanna Utkin | US

CHAPTER 3: Girls on Bikes
Les Filles en Vélos dir. OBJECTIF SUBJECTIF | CA
Scarves dir. Fatima Fakih + Owen Eric Wood | CA
Routes dir. Dan Browne | CA
Nooks & Crannies dir. Madison Thomas | CA
Wastewater dir. Stephen Broomer | CA
Two Finches dir. Victor Ballesteros | CA

CHAPTER 4: Connecting with Nature
Welcome to the World of Mr. Kitty’s Lifestyle dir. Winona Bearshield | CA
Squirrel Penis dir. JAH Justice | US
Woman Who Hates Plants dir. Morgan Miller | US
Day of the Burdocks dir. Ryan Hill | CA
On Poisoning Birds dirs. Kenny Reed + Ben Popp | US
Wolf Love dir. Darcy Fehr | CA

CHAPTER 5: Mourning
Deluge dir. Jeremy Newman | US
N U M B dir. Anders Weberg | SW
Moment dirs. CEDA Pathways Youth | CA
B. waiting outside of school dir. Isiah Medina | CA
Began To dir. Karissa Hahn | US
Pyramid Wake dir. Karl Lind | US

CHAPTER 6: Space Vacation
The Solar System (In Luncheon Meat) dir. Natasha Cantwell | NZ
Conspiracy dir. Aaron Zeghers | CA
Galaxies dir. Cecilia Pestana | DE
Threshold dir. Blanca Gimenez | ES
The Landing Pod dir. Molly Brown | UK
Everything Is Normal dir. David Witzling | US

CHAPTER 7: Sculptures
Sculpture to Water dir. Veaceslav Druta | CA
Down on the Ground dir. Mike Stoltz | US
Wreath dir. Frances Adair Mckenzie | CA
Trailer Study #16: A Square and a Circle Talking dir. Brandon Doherty | US
Panning Left to Right - National Gallery London dir. Stuart Pound | UK
Desk Study #1 dir. Rhayne Vermette | CA

CHAPTER 8: Apocalyptic Sh**
Analog Vine #1 dir. Pam Minty | US
Fire Hearts dir. Kathleen Tessier + Jaimie Stevenson | CA
St. Sputnik dir. Allan Brown | CA
Lift dir. Inés Garcia | ES
Huichol Yarn Painting Animation #1 dir. Tristan Love | US
Analog Vine #2 dir. Pam Minty | US

CHAPTER 9: One More Time with Zeal
What the Hell Is Zeal? dirs. William Rihel III, Jeff Richardson, Mark McFarland + Eric Baxter | US
Over Hard dir. David Greisman | CA
The Piano Has Been Drinking dir. Mike Furnish | CA
Train dir. Shelly Anthis | CA
Hair dir. Wilhelm Rihel III | US
WUFFBUM dir. Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin | CA

CHAPTER 10: Last Impressions
Self-Portrait dir. Allison Bench | CA
Culinary Cities #1 (San Francisco) dir. Scott Fitzpatrick | CA
Driving to San Francisco dir. Stefan Moeckel | DE
On a Warm San Francisco Night dir. OBJECTIF SUBJECTIF | CA
Mirrors dir. Dave Barber, Heidi Phillips + Tohma Phillips | CA
The New Wallpaper dir. Andreas Goldfuss | CA

*image from Christine Negus' Host or Ghost