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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017


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Biological traditions, geology and geometry, hunger and hallucination — structures of 
experience and consciousness unfurled. Seven filmmakers invoke natural and 
physiological phenomena to convey otherworldly cinematic sensations.

** Warning: this program features rapid movement and flashing light. **

A World Assembled dir. Toby Tatum

2013 | UK | 3 | video | Canadian premiere
A World Assembled represents the creation of an improbable realm, stitched together from a kit of warring elements into a fantastic whole. –TT

Flower dir. Naoko Tasaka

2012 | JP | 21 | 16mm on video | Manitoban premiere

"It's been a long winter... The bear woke up midnight from hunger..." 

A story about a bear who ate all his family during the winter hibernation. –NT

LIVING FOSSIL dir. Sean Hanley

2014 | US | 2 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere

Springtime along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. LIVING FOSSIL is a brief glimpse of a 
450 million year-old ritual. –SH

Peacock dir. Alexander Stewart

2014 | US | 5 | 16mm on video | International premiere

An exploration of pattern, repetition and visual overload. A small particle unfolds into a mesmerizing display of color and movement. Rotating toy blocks shot on hi-con 16mm build complex arrangements of color and movement using color separations. The simple rotations of the original footage are transformed into an undulating geometric mass, 
suggesting a shimmering stained-glass curtain or metallic ocean swells. –AS

Hermeneutics dir. Alexei Dmitriev

2012 | DE | 3 | video | Manitoban premiere

A war film. –AD

Prisoner’s Cinema dir. Joshua Gen Solondz

2013 | US | 10 | video | Manitoban premiere

"It has been widely reported that prisoners confined to dark cells often see brilliant light displays, which are sometimes called 'the prisoner's cinema'... The brain contains many (perhaps an infinite number) of feedback loops. One of these involves a pathway 
between a part of the frontal lobe of the brain, which extends through the cingulate gyrus, caudate nucleus and down to the thalamus. This particular pathway is associated with the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is involved in many biological processes, including those of depression and sleep" –Salvatore Cullari 

Second Hermeneutic dir. Michael A. Morris [LIVE performance]

2013 | US | ~ 8 | dual 16mm | International premiere

This is the second work in a series exploring the nature of interpretation. In this case, a pair of 16mm projections are overlapped while being captured by an HD video camera. The analog component signal is fed into an audio mixer without any further filtering. All audio in the piece is produced by the camera's output. The video waveform is 
manipulated by the film projection to produce a real-time, synesthetic cinematic 
experience using the artifacts of one medium interpreting another as raw material. –MM

* images from Toby Tatum's A World Assembled (top) and Naoko Tasaka's Flower (bottom)