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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

WUFF is very excited to partner with Video Pool and their newly opened Poolside Gallery to present several installed video works in conjunction with our 2017 festival. Click here for directions to the Poolside Gallery.


Interior Stroll dir. Hannah Piper Burns
2016 | US | video and mixed media | Canadian premiere
Interior Stroll is an interactive installation designed to collapse physical space and memory space, body and consciousness. More walking meditation than walking sim, it is set in a symbolic cavespace shaped by the psychic runoff from years of malignant intimacy. It is navigated with two modified personal pleasure commodities, and it wants you to go deeper, but not too deep. Cum spelunk thru the dysfunction w/me, won’t u? -HPB

Painting with the Man dir. Freya Björg Olafson
2016 | CA | video
Painting with the Man was developed through the use of a 32-point neuron motion capture suit. The work references Yves Klien’s series Anthropométries (1960), in which Klein engaged naked women as 'human paint brushes' to make paintings. Dressed in bow-tie and suit, Klein would conduct the women as they covered themselves in pigment (his patented color ‘International Klein Blue’) and made imprints of their bodies. Painting with the Man uses a digital readymade generic male 3D body to paint the 'canvas'. -FBO

Desert States (You Win Again) dir. Michael Robinson
2015 | CA | dual screen video | Canadian premiere
Culled from segments of the Miss USA pageants of the late 1980’s, Robinson’s silent two-channel video, Desert States (You Win Again), reduces and refracts the source’s highly-gendered pageantry to its rawest form of ceremonial spectacle. Clad in bathing suits, state sashes, and big hair, the contestants are individually posed and captured within highly-staged landscapes of the American southwest. Removing all commentary and numerical scores, each video becomes a propulsive wave of relentless camera zooms, gleaming sands, and repeated gestures of surprise and seduction. These seemingly vacant expressions build a silent plea for rescue from the psychic deserts of Americana and misogyny. -Carrie Secrist Gallery

giving myself a reason to scream but not cry dir. Adán De La Garza
2016 | US | video | Canadian premiere
giving myself a reason to scream but not cry is part of a larger body of work that examines the correlation between catharsis and protest. Part self-help exercise, part coping mechanism, part instruction set for the inept protester, this video depicts how both protest and catharsis have potential to be moot points. The work was born out of a deep distaste for the contemporary political state, as well as feeling stifled by my own anger and the inability to feel as though I can enact positive influence beyond myself. This piece deals with the willingness to break and destroy as a vital part of implementing change while indulging in the catharsis of witnessing that action. -AG


* image from Hannah Piper Burns' Interior Stroll