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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN // 7pm, June 3rd
At the Rachel Browne Theatre (2nd Floor, 211 Bannatyne Ave)

“Every photograph is a certificate of presence.” - Roland Barthes. Seven films and videos engaged with photography and image capture help to reveal the ways in which we still rely on pictures to sort through and form our view of reality. Can we still trust the photograph? Do we have a choice? Represented doesn’t always mean real, but we’re still compelled to look. Posterity might be a myth, but we’re still snapping. New work from Canada and the United States.

BLOOPERS dir. Karissa Hahn
2017 | US | 3.5 | super 8mm on video | Canadian premiere
one roll of super 8 film, it takes 8 takes. - staged for ‘Take 3’ to be the shot, the ‘perfect shot.’ The rest are bloopers, this film is called BLOOPERS. How can we edit a preplanned shoot in which one shot is planned to make it? a staged shoot for the perfect shot without consideration of chance. one roll of super 8 film, duration of 8 takes, 3 actions, 8 shots made. -KH

A Century Plant in Bloom dir. Ross Meckfessel
2017 | US | 10 | 16mm | Manitoban premiere
“I remember one day sitting at the pool and suddenly the tears were streaming down my cheeks. Why was I so unhappy? I had success. I had security. But it wasn’t enough. I was exploding inside.” - Ingrid Bergman. A cry for help in the form of a pop song. A village cast as a simulacrum of the past by Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott, Pasolini and Scorsese. As the future starts devouring the present, how can we hope to remember the past? Pics or it never existed. For Ingrid and Roberto. - RM

always the photos in front of the bushes at noni's house dir. Francesca Enzler
2015 | US | 12.5 | video | World premiere
An investigation into the ways images physically orient us to the mapping of time and space. -FE

The Misbehaving Image dir. Carl Elsaesser
2016 | US | 13.5 | video | International premiere
A suspended portrait amidst a discursive landscape -CE

CPS Closings & Delays dir. Kristin Reeves
2016 | US | 6.5 | 16mm and video | World premiere
The Chicago Board of Education made history in 2013 approving the closure of 50 schools, the largest public school closing to date in the United States. I shot all 50 schools on a 100’ roll of 16mm film while my DSLR documented the community. -KR

Luna E Santur dir. Joshua Gen Solondz
2016 | US | 10.5 | 16mm on video | Manitoban premiere
Originally commissioned as a short for Ben Coonley’s My First 3D Part 2 at Microscope Gallery, I expanded this project into what it currently is: hooded figures, violent passion, and stroboscopic tenderness brought on by a paranormal encounter I had in the summer of 2015. -JS

In Still Time dir. Leslie Supnet
2016 | CA | 10 | 16mm on video
In Still Time is an experimental animation that investigates the catastrophic image to facilitate questions about the moral imperative to look, and our (in)ability to bear witness to unthinkable human suffering. -LS

* images from Karissa Hahn's BLOOPERS (top) and Ross Meckfessel's A Century Plant in Bloom (bottom)